Our Eye Tracking Researchers Reveal the Secrets To Planning A Cutting Edge Eye Tracking Study…

Our Eye Tracking Researchers Reveal the Secrets To Planning A Cutting Edge Eye Tracking Study…

Find out what your peers don’t even know about successful eye tracking research, without spending any more of your valuable time digging for answers.

Quickly get your hands on eye tracking expert tips guaranteed to help you plan a ground breaking study!

What’s Going On? Researchers in fields ranging from website usability to neuroscience are making significant breakthroughs using eye tracking technology. Discover the key success factors you must know before starting an eye tracking study, and become one of the notable scientists around the world making cutting-edge discoveries!

As fellow researchers, we understand the time-consuming groundwork necessary for planning a study. The Essential Guide to Eye Tracking Research saves you weeks of investigation and conveniently answers your most urgent questions about how to get started on your eye tracking study.

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Knowing the Answers to These 6 Essential Questions Will Guide You to a Fail-Proof Plan for Your Eye Tracking Research

  • How can using cutting-edge eye tracking technology break new ground in your field of research?

  • What 4 specific factors must you consider when selecting the eye tracker that’s worth every penny of the funding dollars you spend on it?

  • How can the difference between a wearable and a monitor-mounted eye tracker make or break the results of your study?

  • How can you avoid the #1 most common mistake made by other researchers when interpreting eye tracking data? (Making this mistake could throw away every speck of your study’s validity!)?

  • What is the fastest way to prevent time-wasting technical difficulties and equipment malfunction?

  • How can you effortlessly maximize the results of your study and not have to do any of the groundwork?

You will find the answers to all of these questions and more in the Essential Guide to Eye Tracking Research!!

Learn how you can use cutting edge eye tracking technology to make advances in your field that were never possible before…

You will get loads of ideas for how to apply the technology achieve remarkable results for your upcoming eye tracking study. The Essential Guide to Eye Tracking Research details 8 fields achieving major breakthroughs with eye tracking technology, so you can get a glimpse of the extensive applications for this powerful research tool

Significantly reduce the risk of wasting limited funding dollars on the wrong eye tracking equipment…

You will discover the 4 key factors you mustconsider expensive eye tracking systems, and have access to convenient product comparison charts that save you from sifting through the hard-to-find information on your own. With easy access to details on the core features of the top 10 eye tracking research systems, so you can make a safe decision about which system to invest in.

Gain exclusive access to tips and recommendations straight from a team of eye tracking research professionals with over 30 years combined experience.

The eye tracking experts at Eye-Com spill their advice on how to achieve an error-proof research plan that will boost the chances of your study’s success. These are tips you won’t find anywhere else!.

Dr. William C. Torch

Eye-Com Founder and Chairman

  • Researcher and developer of eye tracking biosensor, communication, and control technology since 1994.

  • Board Certified in Neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

  • Medical Director of the Neurodevelopmental and Neurodiagnostic Center in Reno, NV

  • Founder and Medical Director of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine-accredited Washoe Sleep Disorder Centers

Carlos Cardillo

Eye-Com Research Director

  • Ph.D. candidate in International Health Science Research

  • Expert in electroneurophysiologic biostatistics and development and execution of scientific research programs

  • Eye-Com eye tracking studies evaluating the integration of oculometrics and other neurophysiological measures as indicators of fatigue, workload, and drug impairment

Protect the integrity of your data with the data collection and analysis tips from these and other Eye-Com research specialists. Their exclusive insight with help you prevent technical difficulties and avoid assumptions that could lead to costly time delays or invalid results.

What does it cost to get this essential information?

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Scientists around the world are finding that eye tracking truly is a cutting edge research tool that is contributing to a wave of new discoveries. We hand-selected citations and abstracts of over 20 recent eye tracking research papersto help make the challenging process of planning your own study easier. These papers were selected to give you an assortment of examples to use as a basis for comparison. With this FREE BONUS SECTION, you can:

  • Capitalize on the homework that has already been done by over 20 teams of researchers, and begin formulating your own research protocol in a fraction of the time it took them.

  • Benefit from the trial and error of other researchers by using their outcomes to evaluate a variety of eye tracking brands and setups without the risk.

  • Save hours of searching for relevant eye tracking research articles, so you can get a jump start on your literature review!

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  3. You will get to take advantage of the groundwork of eye tracking research veterans in the Free Bonus section of over 20 eye tracking research paper citations and abstracts

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Other researchers will demand to know your formula for flawlessly executing breakthrough eye tracking studies.

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