The Centuries Old Psyche

The Centuries Old Psyche

It is an age-old saying that ‘behind success of every man, there is a woman’s hand’. It is also true to acknowledge that women, as compared to their male counterparts are found to be more sensitive, show increasing tendencies of being responsible and behold the very essence of making a house made from bricks into a truly loving home.

Thus, it would not be wrong to award a woman the title of a ''home-maker''. A concept readily accepted and acknowledged in the Eastern part of the world, more than the Western group of developed countries. However, only acknowledging the fact is not enough, what needs to be done is that proper respect and care should be shown to women, which is fitting to their role.

The Salient Aspects of Women''s Health
One may readily note that an average responsible women''s life evolves around the well being of her family, which includes parents, brothers and sisters before getting married. Whereas, after getting married, the same set of responsibilities are shifted to the care and love for her husband and children.

However, this continuous life cycle of average woman leaves little time for her, to the extent that in some regions of the world, a woman may even bring the subject of her own health as a last topic. In most of the cases, it has been noticed that in caring for other’s health, women often ignore their own health and end up being sick and unwell.

To address such a state of affairs, there are some tips suggested by health professionals, which particularly cater to the health of women and help them in living a happy and healthy life.

Some Guidelines for Women to Maintain Their Health
The salient aspects which must be followed by a woman to maintain her good health include:

avoiding and if possible quitting smoking
cutting back on the intake of foods that have high levels of cholesterol
constantly monitoring her own weight
avoiding eating fats
more emphasis on fruits and vegetables
adopting a stress free life cycle by adopting healthy exercises like walking/jogging
making a practice to go for regular check ups including getting regular Pap smear tests (a precautionary step for avoiding cervical cancer)
making the habit of getting the blood pressure checked at regular intervals and getting regular breast exams
These guidelines help women in leading a stress free life style, pursuing a healthy and balanced diet food program. Also, they assist in keeping a woman happy and healthy amongst her loved ones and carry out all important roles by leading a truly healthy and energetic life.

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