Tips To Lose 10 Pounds

Tips To Lose 10 Pounds

With the Company Christmas Party just weeks away, you are thinking it would be great if I could just lose 10 pounds quickly, right? Well, first of all, lucky you for only having 10 pounds to lose, but second of all, there are some tricks people, including celebrities use, to lose 10 pounds quick.

Tips on…How to Lose Weight Fast:

*Everyone has water weight and some have extra water weight hanging around due to excessive sodium intake. So cut out the salt as much as possible and lose some of that water weight!

*Consider consuming an herbal or natural product known for increasing metabolism. Acai Juice can do just that. It has been known to drastically increase one’s energy levels and allow you to burn more calories.

*Cut out a few of your bad habits, example…soda, desserts and snacks, and the biggest culprit for women, salad dressing. Figure out how to cut a couple hundred calories a day from your normal diet and the fat will just come off on it own. Pair this step with a little…..

*Exercise to lose weight. Remember, it’s a numbers game. You have to eliminate calories to lose weight. The best way to do that is get moving. The more you burn the more you can lose.

*A free weight lost product? Yep. It’s called water. Water is a natural detoxifier for your body, and can flush the fat right out. For those of us who don’t get our recommended daily water intake, this could be an easy step in our journey in how to lose weight fast!

*If looking for a supplement to help boost your exercise efforts and increase your metabolism, read about the Benefits of Fish Oil. It is claimed that when used in combination with a proper diet, it can enhance weight loss efforts by potentially losing as much as 30% more weight!

*Eat slower and get full faster. You’ve heard it before, but did you know this could save you 50-60 calories per meal? That adds up. That move alone could lose you 6 pounds a year! Not exactly a way to lose weight fast, but combined with a few of the other simple changes in your day to day life, it can help you to diet and not feel like your are dieting.

*Start one of the diet plans listed on this site. Most people see their biggest weight loss results in the first or second weeks when starting a new plan.

*Simply cut portion sizes down. Make wiser choices when choosing foods for weight loss. You can still eat your favorite foods, just eat less of them. Most of us do not realize we are eating sometimes as much as 3-4 times a portion size! You just think it’s low in calories until you multiply that number times four!

While none of these options will allow you to lose weight by tomorrow, they do make you realize that a few simple changes in our routines can help us to lose weight fast , but naturally, and without missing our favorite foods. It is ALWAYS recommended you speak to your physician before starting any weight loss plan and follow his guidelines. Stay on top of the latest health news by reading health articles. Being overweight is a health condition, once again stressing the importance of checking with your doctor first.

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