Animal Health Marketing News

Animal Health Marketing News

A few weeks back, we here at AHMN received an e-newsletter from WebMD, a leader in the online health movement. As relatively health-conscious individuals, we enjoy our updates from WebMD, often including some good tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Except that, this time, the subject line read, “Top 10 Pet Health Problems.”

Needless to say, we were a bit thrown off.

Until we thought about it some more. And now we love what WebMD is doing. In fact, we think more animal health marketing professionals should be following their example. Here’s what we mean:

Tap into other channels you wouldn’t otherwise consider. WebMD understands that the line between pets and pet owners is increasingly blurry, so much so that it’s now relevant to include pet health tips alongside tips for the owners. Take advantage. Discuss pet health in places normally reserved for human health. Expand to channels dedicated to food/dieting, exercising, or outdoor sports, for example.

Get Online
We know, we know. You are already. But make your online presence work for you. It’s the easiest and most cost-efficient way to cross over channels, and with an appropriate seeding strategy, brand and product visibility has the potential to increase exponentially in ways print and traditional media can never accomplish.

Give your readers a consistent focus by talking about subjects relevant to your field. Use Twitter, Facebook and blogs to get your message out there without being invasive. A new advancement emerge in human health? How will this affect the animal health industry? Can we expect similar advancements for household pets? It’s an easy way for potential customers to relate to you, to trust you, without feeling like they’re being sold something all the time. That way, when you do talk business, you’ll have a much more captive and responsive audience listening on the other end.

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