If you eat red meat, you've been eating recycled chicken feces, thanks to the FDA and USDA

If you eat red meat, you've been eating recycled chicken feces, thanks to the FDA and USDA

Finally, USA Today tackles the issue with a pointed article that questions why the FDA hasn''t simply banned the use of dead cows in cattle feed. Let''s face it: mad cow disease only happens when you feed dead cows to live cows. It''s a sickening, inhumane practice, but it makes ranchers money, and so there''s tremendous political pressure to make it happen. If you''ve been eating red meat all this time, hopefully you''re at least a little bit shocked that you''ve been eating meat from cows that were fed chicken litter, and those chickens were fed dead, diseased cows containing spinal cord material that could carry mad cow disease. Knowing this, I''m not sure why any decent human being would eat beef anymore. It''s technically not that different from reaching into your toilet bowl and chowing down on your own feces.

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Author Mike Adams is a holistic nutritionist with over 4,000 hours of study on nutrition, wellness, food toxicology and the true causes of disease and health. He is well versed on nutritional and lifestyle therapies for weight loss and disease prevention / reversal. View Adams'' health statistics showing LDL cholesterol of 67 and outstanding blood chemistry. Adams uses no prescription drugs whatsoever and relies exclusively on natural health, nutrition and exercise to achieve optimum health. He serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Research Center and is author of several books about health and nutrition, including The Five Soft Drink Monsters and Superfoods For Optimum Health. In his spare time, Adams engages in pilates, cycling, strength training, gymnastics and comedy improv training. In the technology industry, Adams is president and CEO of a well known email marketing software company.

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The Food and Drug Administration is under increased pressure to bolster its ban on the use of cattle remains in animal feed after the discovery last month of the first case of mad cow disease in the USA. But poultry litter --- food they drop while eating, along with their excrement, feathers and bedding --- can legally be fed to cattle. Because feeding cattle to cattle is really the only way they get infected, critics of the livestock industry, as well as some within it, have long argued that the best way to deal once and for all with the issue is to totally ban the feeding of all ruminant-derived protein to any living animal, including fish.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-01-05-mad-cow-fda_x.htm

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